Monday, September 14, 2009

Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology

With new laptop PCs based on Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology for the home, or Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro™ technology for business, you'll experience a new breakthrough in mobile performance, enabled longer battery life, the future of wireless now with 802.11n standard, and more, right at your fingertips.‡ Delivering performance gains of up to 50%¹ enabled by a minimum 3MB Smart Cache and 1066MHz Front Side Bus, these laptops are equipped to handle everything from robust business to masterful multimedia and everything in between. And with Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, you'll make quick work of the toughest computing tasks like HD video encoding—up to 90% faster², so you can accomplish more without the wait.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Intel 3000 and 3010 Chipset

The Intel® 3000 and 3010 Chipsets are designed for use with Intel® Xeon® 3000 Sequence, Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 600 Sequence, Intel® Pentium® D processor 800 Sequence and 900 Sequence, and Intel® Celeron® D, in the LGA775 package in entry-level UP server platforms. The chipset contains two components: Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and Intel® I/O Controller Hub 7 (ICH7). The MCH provides the interface to the processor, main memory, PCI Express*, and the ICH7. The ICH7 is the seventh generation I/O Controller Hub and provides a multitude of I/O related functions.

Intel® 3000 Chipset supports one PCI Express x8 port. Intel® 3010 Chipset supports two PCI Express x8 ports or one PCI Express x16 port.

Intel Celeron Processor

Systems based on the Intel® Celeron processor are ideal for day-to-day computing, whether in the home, classroom, or office.
Take basic computing to new levels with dual-core processing. The Intel® Celeron® processor, with 512 KB of shared L2 cache and 800 MHz Front Side Bus, has two independent processor cores in one physical package running at the same frequency, delivering superior energy efficient dual-core performance.
The Intel® Celeron® processor is also an exceptional value for single-core desktop computing delivering a balanced level of proven technology.

Intel board

The Intel® Board ID Tool reports if you have a branded retail Intel® Desktop Board installed in your system. There are two options for using the Board ID Tool:

  • Offline Intel® Board ID Tool - save it to a folder to run later or copy to a USB thumb drive to run on a different computer. Use this version if your operating system and/or browser does not support the online version.
  • Online Intel® Board ID Tool - run it right now on this computer. This version has been validated with Microsoft* Windows* XP and Internet Explorer*. When you run the online ID Tool for the first time, you will be prompted to install the software.
If the Board ID Tool detects a branded retail Intel® Desktop Board, the resulting status window will display the board model, board version (AA#), BIOS version and operating system version.

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor

Introducing the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor for desktop PCs, designed to handle massive compute and visualization workloads enabled by powerful multi-core technology. Providing all the bandwidth you need for next-generation highly-threaded applications, the latest four-core Intel Core 2 Quad processors are built on 45nm Intel® Core™ microarchitecture enabling faster, cooler, and quieter desktop PC and workstation experiences.

Plus, with optional Intel® vPro™ technology, you have the ability to remotely isolate, diagnose, and repair infected desktop and mobile workstations wirelessly and outside of the firewall, even if the PC is off, or the OS is unresponsive.

Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost, accelerating a broad range of multimedia, encryption, scientific and financial applications by significantly improving performance when executing Intel® Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE/SSE2/SSE3) instructions.

Intel® HD Boost³, implementing new Intel® Streaming SIMD Extension 4 (Intel SSE4) instructions for even greater multimedia performance and faster high definition video editing and encoding.

Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)², enabling greater security, manageability, and utilization.

Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor

Whether it's gaming, digital photography, or video editing, today's high-impact entertainment demands breakthrough technology. Now with a new version based on Intel's cutting edge 45nm technology utilizing hafnium-infused circuitry to deliver even greater performance and power efficiency

Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution, enabling delivery of more instructions per clock cycle to improve gaming execution time and energy efficiency

Intel® Deep Power Down Technology, designed to deliver extreme energy-efficient performance

Intel® Smart Memory Access, improving system performance by optimizing the use of all available data bandwidth

Intel® Advanced Smart Cache, providing a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for industry leading multi-threaded games

Intel Core i5 Processor

With intelligent performance that accelerates in response to demanding tasks, such as playing games and editing photos, the new Intel® Core™ i5 processor moves faster when you do.

The Intel Core i5 processor automatically allocates processing power where it's needed most.¹ Whether you’re creating HD video, composing digital music, editing photos, or playing the coolest PC games—with the new Intel Core i5 processor you can multitask with ease and be more productive than ever.

  • 2.66 GHz and up to 3.20 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
  • 4 processing threads
  • 8 MB of Intel® Smart Cache
  • 2 channels of DDR3 1333 MHz memory

Intel® Core™ microarchitecture is Intel’s latest generation of dynamically scalable microarchitecture. The Intel® Core™ i5 processor is based on the same energy-efficient processor core as the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, but is designed for mainstream computing.

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology maximizes speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload—more performance when you need it the most.

Integrated memory controller enables two channels of high-speed DDR3 1333 MHz memory. This memory controller's lower latency and higher memory bandwidth delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.

Intel® Smart Cache provides a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for industry-leading multi-threaded games.